Waterproof Rainwear by Terra New York

Waterproof Rainwear by Terra New York

This semi-transparent 100% waterproof rainwear by Terra New York made from 100% TPU/ Urethane materials. All water resistant raincoats and accessories possess unique technical details that allow the body to breathe and move freely.

Each of these chic rainwears is not only waterproof but also fashionable.

According to the founders Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki “Each part of the coat has its own mold, and each seam is heat-sealed with another mold. Our ‘Tribeca’ trench coat, for example, is built with 75 different molds, each one specially made for a specific seam. The seam mold is heated, then applied on to the fabric, merging two, three, or more layers of fabric together. No needle, no holes, no chemicals and no water inside!”

Now you can through the rain and stay dry, stylish and feel comfortable. Available in three style with three colors of choice, you can get this fashionable rain gear here.

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