Polaroid GL10 Mobile Printer With iOS Support Unveiled

Polaroid GL10 Mobile Printer With iOS Support Unveiled

The portable Polaroid GL10 mobile printer which has been available for Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphone users is now also compatible with Apple iOS devices.

This newest version of the GL10 mobile printer utilizes Zink smudge free printing technology to print 3 x 4 inch photos and is equipped with a internal lithium battery. Fyi, Zink technology uses no ink inside and instead uses a paper with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside, to print the images. Yes, this is much like an advanced version of the 80s’s Polaroid cameras.

Polaroid is now showing off the newest Polaroid GL10 Mobile Printer at 2012 CTIA as a concept device. There’s no information on pricing or worldwide availability at the moment.

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