Miniot Wood Pouch for iPhone 4/4s

Miniot Wood Pouch for iPhone 4/4s

If you’re looking for wooden pouch for your iPhone 4/4s, then you should check this Miniot Wood Pouch.  The Miniot Pouch is not just about protection, it’s also about your signature. Its hard wooden shell is carved out of one piece of wood, preventing any dents and cracks warmth and also add warmth and organic touch to your iPhone.

This thin and lightweight Miniot Wood Pouch is available in a number of different types of wood: Cherry, Mahogany, Padouk, Walnut, Wenge, or Zebrawood. All Miniot products are designed and made in Netherlands. The Miniot Pouch will be available in two weeks; if you’re interested in, you can pre-order it on Miniot’s website for €59, around $74. You can even request a custom engraving for an extra fee.

Miniot Wood Pouch for iPhone 4/4s

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