Mac Motorcycles’s Coolest Motorcycle

Mac Motorcycless Coolest Motorcycle
Mac Motorcycles is going to make its coolest prototype motorcyle available to purchase later in 2012. There’re four models will be available: Spud, Pea Shooter, Ruby and Roarer. All of these Bobber-styled British motorcycle will be powered by a Buell’ 492cc 5-speed ‘Blast’ engine.

Founder Ellis Pitt explains. “I wanted to take something from the simplicity and non-conformity that unites the chopper builders with the philosophy of the Italian singles manufacturers from the 1950s and 1960s and the spirit of competition specials.”

Mac Motorcycles’s prototype Spud is set to make its first pubic appearance at Autosport International at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, UK from 12-15 January.

Mac Motorcycless Coolest MotorcycleMac Motorcycless Coolest MotorcycleMac Motorcycless Coolest Motorcycle

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